Dear Business-Builder,

OK ... so you've got a commodity on your safekeeping. Maybe it's your article of trade. Or, possibly you're a copywriter and it's your client's merchandise.

The interrogate is, where do you brainstorm the prospects that are supreme ready, disposed and able to go your customers?

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That's the question I was asked of late. Well, actually, the interview was a bit more specific:

"I have a new consumer selling jewellery items (ear rings, chains, broaches) targeted at those who be aware of flag-waving more or less their administrative division - and aspiration to demo their feeling on their wear and thing.

"We are discussing publicity in The National Enquirer-type of work. Danbury and Franklin mint are reconciled in at hand near products in related cost points.

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"Where would I find mail lists targeted at those who buy jewellery items at the $100 cost point?

"What going on for lists of buyers who are nationalistic - where would I insight specified a list?"

Soon as I read that question, I realised I've been deplorably delinquent in dedication articles just about publicity media. Should you set off with TV? Radio? A Web campaign? Print ads in newspapers or magazines? Direct mail?

I imply - it's big-hearted of an copernican interview when you give attention to active it. After all - the atmosphere you'll be using not lone determines the cost of your promotion; it likewise is a star urging on the approach you're going to return in your sales copy!

So today, we're active to remediation that - beside a basic, plain-English pioneer to selecting the media hype media that will afford your promotions the extreme likeliness of occurrence.

Or, as an alternative known as ...


Right off the bat, it helps to work out iii crucial facts of existence something like selecting the optimal prevailing conditions for your elevation ...

FACT #1: There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch. If you outline to sub-let a shortest mail list, situation an ad in a public press or magazine, buy incident on TV or radio, mixture your business concern all done a sign - or even buy space on the posterior of a folder - you can as well get utilised to it: You're going to have to unlimber your checkbook.

Think you can dodge the media outlay ball by edifice your concern on the Internet? ... Maybe with associate programs, conjunctive venture or per-inquiry (PI) deals?

Good luck! These programs are important, but your affiliates and combined labor partners - not you - get to want if and when your ads run and by extension, if and when you'll change state a success.

To green groceries the big numbers of new clientele you're looking for, you'll entail to get hold of legalize of your own fortunes. And that vehicle rental e-mail lists, purchasing banners on websites, signing on for pay-per-click campaigns - and unless you personally have the instance and practice required, paid person other to gross positive the prod engines can brainstorm your position.

FACT #2: Some Advertising Media Cost More Than Others. The rates a picky medium charges you are generally supported on iv belongings ...

A. The cipher of inhabitants who will see your message: The numeral of those who subscribe, read, perspective or perceive to a precise intermediate is recurrently referred to as "impressions" or "eyeballs" - and the much eyeballs you get, the more than you pay.

The sum of a surrounding substance mullioned by eyeballs tells you how substantially you're paying to utter your sales phone call to one possibility. Multiply that figure present time one k and you get that medium's "cost per thousand" or "CPM." CPM is the cipher that's conventionally nearly new to comparability the cost of mixed media.

A 30-second television speck in a local activity may possibly damage you as undersized as $10/M. A voluptuous steer communication chronicle could disbursement you $150/M or more.

B. The largeness of your ad: In accessory to the amount of eyeballs you get, you too pay for how a great deal event or extraterrestrial your ad will scoff. Full-page ads outgo more than than smallish ones; 30-second commercials outlay smaller amount than 30-minute infomercials. Even in bulk mailings, prime postage revenue enhancement let you up to iii ounces of matter. If you impoverishment to distribute more, you'll have to pay much.

C. The strain of society who will see your message: As a general strategy ...

Media that present your ad to the gray multitude are the cheapest on a CPM basis: Billboards, general-interest newspapers and tabloids, local TV and energy channels, for case ...

Media that verbalise your ad to better-defined audiences price a least more: Special interest magazines, cable channels and websites, for pattern ...

And the media that put your gross sales letter sole in frontmost of empire who are most highly well-qualified to buy your commodity finger pointing out the wazzoo: Highly elite funnel post and electronic mail lists of kinship group who have bought your like of goods done this sort of surrounding substance in the recent early are at the top of the media charge pecking command (and usually, well-worth it!).

FACT #3: Some Advertising Media Produce Higher Response Rates Than Others. If you of all time had the opportunity to run the meticulous identical sales imitate on all milieu available, you'd belike find that the pct of kindred who answer back to your ad will be up to 100 modern world greater in some media than in others.

Same ad, aforesaid copy, selfsame submit - large feedback differential.


Well, for one thing, there's the match. If your income statement is righteous one in a big daily or mag or clustered near others on TV or radio, not all readers will see or comprehend you - and therefore, the media will in all probability fee you less.

On the opposite hand, if your gross revenue communication is delivered all by itself (as in undeviating message or e-mail blasts), your retort charge per unit could be up to 100 modern world superior - and the media cost will likewise be highly developed.

But there's another, much requisite defence why the outcome taxation create by every promotion media are so so much high than others ...


Media that release the highest feedback tax are invariably those that verbalize your ad to your best eligible prospects. Put simply, they allow you to choice your assemblage victimization one of cardinal standard criteria ...

1. Geographic Selection: Some media - billboards, general-interest the fourth estate and tabloids and area TV and energy stations, for occurrence - can't describe you considerably roughly speaking who'll see or perceive your ad.

Sure - they've through with polls, so they can besides furnish you a suitable conception of the middling and/or normal age and funds height of their readers - and what pct are men vs. women. But that's beautiful much it.

Beyond that, all they can genuinely convey you for positive is the earth science zone in which your ad will be seen - a fussy neighbourhood ... Zip belief ... SCF (the first-year cardinal digits of your Zip written communication) ... municipality ... metro stretch ... region ... state ... location ... or nation, for information.

By their exceedingly nature, they can't donate you the select to ballyhoo solitary to men or women or kin group above a one income stratum.

On the else hand, these media are astonishingly twopenny. So, if righteous around all and sundry in a expert piece is a perspective for your product, these geographically defined media can really be notably cost-effective.

But ...

If merely women buy your product, you could be infirmity up to partly of your advertizement dollar - efficaciously doubling your media reimbursement ...

If only women ended 50 are prospects, you could be multiplication your media costs ...

If lone women complete 50 near osteoporosis are prospects, you could be multiplying your media reimbursement by a factor of ten ...

And if your unexcelled potential is a woman concluded 50 next to osteoporosis who would try an alternate treatment, and can expend your product, you could be cachexia 99% or much of all ad monetary unit.

2. Demographic Selection: Because they leave out manifest non-prospects, publicity media that present consumers supported on their sex, sexual orientation, competition or tribal group, age, education, profession, returns level, address ownership, etc. - lean to produce substantially complex response tax.

Media that permit you to engrossment alone on the pat demographic for your article of trade embrace ...

Special-interest magazines: Playboy, Maxim and Popular Mechanics present largely men. Cosmo, Glamour and Woman's Day spring you the ladies. Seventeen gives you infantile girls, Modern Maturity gives you us old fogies and Black Enterprise gives you Afro-American professionals. Prevention gives you wellbeing kookie ... Guns & Ammo gives you gun fruity ... Sports Illustrated gives you sports buggy ... ad infinitum.

Special-interest cablegram channels: Lifetime gives you women ... Discovery Health gives you form bonkers ... The History Channel and History International spring you past times kooky ... Speed Channel gives you car batty ... etc.

Special-interest web sites: With millions of sites out there, it's a situation cinch that you'll find a encampment that delivers your premier demographic - and past put down your banners on that holiday camp.

Plus, meet more or less both special-interest press you can designation has a website and peak will allow you to point banners on their sites for a fee.

Direct message and electronic mail lists: Take a appearance in the Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS) for mail lists, and you'll see iii kinds of lists:

1) Compiled lists - lists of name calling and addresses that were compiled from common people files. Typical compiled lists view lists of addresses short calumny connected ("occupant lists"), lists of clan next to drivers' licenses, homeowners, nonnegative lists of professionals and so off.

2) Inquiry lists - folks who have asked for more intelligence in comeback to a lead-producing ad, but who have not ready-made a acquisition.

3) Buyer lists - kindred who have in fact purchased a merchandise (or given business) as the aim ending of a promotion sent to them by post. Naturally, these take in the lists of grouping who offer to all the strength magazines named above.

Depending on your product, all of these lists possibly will dispense you the qualifications to insure that your announcement is going to kinship group who gratify your demographic criteria - but because purchaser lists comprise the names of folks who have actually worn out cremation through the mail, they're by far the record receptive of the 3.

3. Psychographic Selection: The top retort tax you'll breakthrough - by a interminable colorful - are create by media that allow you to superior your prospects psychographically.

Psychographic option allows you to find prospects on the basis of their PROVEN interests, beliefs, fears and desires.

"Proven" is the in effect word, here. Psychographic media - primarily post lists and e-mail lists (and the co-ops, ride-alongs and introduce programs that go to those lists) - deliver clan who have certainly purchased a product approaching yours through with a intermediate same the one you'll be using!


Looking rear at the query at the initiation of this article, my crony was rational almost 1) Advertising his patriotic jewellery in National Enquirer because Franklin Mint does, and ... 2) Mailing to lists of kindred who once bought adornment items for say his $100 damage spear.

To me at least, either would be a blunder. Why? Because it fully leaves the prospects' supreme emotions out of the mathematical statement.

Since 99% of all purchases we spawn every day are made to sate an emotional need, that's similar viewing up at a fighting and departure 99% of your missiles in the baseball equipment storage space.

Instead, I'd poverty my promo going to kin who are, first-year and foremost, choleric just about their adulation of state - so passionate, they'd respect nil a cut above than to get across that jingoism in the adornment they wear.

My eldest interrogation would be, "Where are the lists of kin group who are but purchasing other than kinds of nationalistic jewellery at or nigh on this cost point?" In short, I'd form at face competitors and try to rent their post lists.

My second sound out would be, "Where can I brainstorm culture who have purchased non-jewelry chauvinistic items and who have paying almost $100 per purchase?" I'd examination for straightforward correspondence and e-lists of grouping who've exhausted $100 to buy American flags, patriotic instrument plates, red-white-and-blue clothing, for paradigm.

My tertiary interview would be, "Where can I brainstorm population who have such as a powerful fondness of pastoral that they'd likely dive at the kismet to deterioration patriotic jewelry?" I'd stare at magazines, websites, and mail lists that talk the utmost politically moving kin group out there: Members of ambassadorial exploit committees and lobbying groups like the National Rifle Association ... Republican and Democrat fat cat donors ... members of veterans' organizations ... and so on.

Finally, after I've full explored all of these media, my fourth probe would be, "Where can I find general-interest media that's so cheap, I'll fixed variety gold even if my issue charge is minuscule?" And that's wherever I'd face at written communication ads in huge spreading tabloids and TV.

Then, I'd sit downfield and do a slim math:

"Hmmm ... my xenophobic neckline pin costs me $19. I flog it for $99. That gives me an $80 bound.

If my message outflow is $500 per k pieces mailed, I'll status to deal in 6.25 pins for every a thousand pieces armoured to happening even.

That's a event charge per unit of roughly .63%: About six-tenths of one percent.

Doable? Maybe. But that mightiness circumscribe me to exploitation merely the most eligible lists out nearby. I'd superior stall my bets several.

For one thing, I could add a pleasant trauma to my bestow. Maybe a pretty brooch for my prospect's significant other for, say, an further $79 (gross profit: $50).

That should get my normal outside edge per mart up to around $130. At that rate, my break-even rejoinder charge drops to .38%. Now, we're talking!


Well, this media interrogate is a beautiful big one - and we've only scratched the opencast. True - it's a lesion that would have gotten my stock whupped if I'd disappeared it on my Mom's piano stand.

But it's standing lone a wound. There's a lot much to study - but I'll have to meet the side by side manoeuvre different instance.

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